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          “Conditional Warranty” Terms and Conditions


1. Mileage/Hours of Motor in Car/Truck/Equipment:____________________________

2. Motor Displacement (Cubic Inch, Liters, etc…):_____________________________


3. Motor Model Designation:______________________________________________

4. Is this a factory turbocharged application?

   A. Yes:_______________________________________ 

   B. No:________________________________________

5. Are you using the factory installed turbocharger? 

   A. Yes:_______________________________________


   B. No:________________________________________

6. If you answered no to question #5, state the size and turbo model you


   are currently using: _________________________________________

   If you do not know the model state the Manufacturer's part number:


7. Do you have any Boost Monitoring devices and/or Boost Controlling


   Devices currently installed on the vehicle/equipment?

   A. Yes:_____________________________________


   B. No:______________________________________


8. If you answered yes to question number 7: Please list the make, model, 


   and part number of each device below:


   B. _______________________________________________________


9. If you are using aftermarket power adders such as non-stock turbochargers that 

   are larger with higher levels of boost or greater CFM (cubic feet per minute) of 

   air flow, if you use Nitrous Oxide to assist in turbocharger spool rate, or if you 

   manipulate the factory waste-gate controls In order to achieve more than the factory 

   engineered and intended level of boost. Please be advised that your factory installed 

   control devices can be too small for your current application. If you exceed the factory

   power level by as little as 10% to 15% you have most likely exceeded the OEM parts 

   ability to do its job satisfactorily. This alone can be the primary contributor for the 

   failure of other components including your new turbocharger. Manufacturers spend 

   millions of dollars engineering these systems.

10. If you are unable or unwilling to be advised or to afford recommended 

    Dynamometer Tuning Sessions: (PRIOR TO RUNNING YOUR VEHICLE/VEHICLE 

    MUST BE TRAILERED TO THE DYNO FACILITY): You are running at great risk to 

    your components and engine and will automatically void any warranty you may have 

    had. Oil supply and return line will need to be replaced with a new one or sent to me 

    for cleaning (free of charge when sent with turbo repair). Warranty will require 

    proof of purchase that is date stamped corresponding with purchase date (meaning 

    date stamped within 3 days of sales date on invoice). You will be required to provide 

    proof of dyno time, receipt, and dyno results. These results will tell me whether or not

    your air fuel ratios are correct throughout the entire operating rpm band. Having correct

    air fuel ratios is absolutely essential to the life of your motor and turbocharger.

 11. The Turbocharger will be installed by an ADS (Association of Diesel Specialists), 

     or ASE (Automotive Society of Engineers) Repair Technician. A Certificate of 

     Licensing will be required with the name and License number of the installing 

     technician in order for a warranty claim to proceed. Please enter your licensed 

     technicians information here.

     A. Technician's name:_______________________________________________

     B. License number:_________________________________________________

12. The motor oil of choice is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in regards to turbocharged 

    vehicles and equipment. The use of the correct oil will be necessary to 

    obtain a warranty should the need arise. I prefer that you do not use synthetic 

    oil. My position on this matter has come from 19 years of experience in the 

    industry. I have spoken to 2 different petroleum engineers on the matter. The 

    problem with synthetic oil is that there is almost no carbon present in the chemical    

    composition of the oil (the majority of zinc & phosphorus has been removed from 

    G4 Emissions Priority oil). A turbocharger has miniature piston rings that make 

    up the sealing action of the center section (CHRA) of the turbocharger, to 

    keep the lubricating oil inside of the center section where it belongs. Strangely 

    enough these miniature “piston rings” are called “Carbon Seals”. Traditional motor 

    oil (Non G4 & Diesel) is absolutely chock full of…? You guessed it… “Our Friend   

    Carbon”. This carbon is what establishes the initial sealing and then maintains the 

    lifelong sealing of the center section.

13. Recommendations on air filter cleaning and/or replacement are as follows:

    A. At installation of new/freshened turbocharger installation.

    B. Every 3 months for O.E.M. paper element style filters or 10,000 miles.

    C. Every 3 months for reusable/cleanable style filters such as K&N air filters.


    Applying treatment to your re-useable filter more often than not, gets

    seriously over applied and acts exactly like a DIRTY filter. The compressor

    side seal  behind the compressor wheel gets overcome by the turbos

    attempt at pulling in air past the somewhat plugged filter and the seal now

    allows oil to be pulled past it into the compressor housing where is does not

    belong. These filters are perfectly capable of filtering everything they need    

    to filter without treatment applied to them. 


    No Foam filters of any sort shall be allowed in order to be considered for warranty.

14. I am the Turbo Professional on this matter. This is what I do for a full time living. 

    I would not take this position if I were not 100% convinced of my findings over the 

    years. There are hardened metal parts (thrust components) Inside the center section       

    of the turbocharger that rely and are completely dependent upon the viscosity 

    (or thickness) of the oil to hydraulically keep them from touching one another. If the 

    oil does not possess the sheer strength required to perform this action, the parts will

    touch and destruction is inevitable. The parts in question have only .001 to .002” of 

    clearance on either side of their adjacent part.


15. Bear in mind that All Dated Service Records and Receipts will be required up 

    front in order for the warranty process to initialize and progress. The intent 

    of this information is to assist you in the process of selecting materials that 

    will give you long life and enjoyment from your turbocharger. It is not to worry 

    you as a consumer. We have very few warranty issues arise. We are dedicated to 

    what is known in the Corporate world as C.P.S. (continuous process improvement). 

    When we enter into a sales agreement, we become partners (to a degree). You want 

    my product to hold up do its intended job and I want you to be a responsible vehicle 

    or machinery owner. I am completely aware of the mis-information that exists worldwide 

    on this topic of oil usage. There is an enormous amount of mis-information on this 

    subject and it is my hope to dispel these myths. If you have any concerns on anything 

    stated in this “Terms and Conditions” portion of the paperwork, please call at 503-804-4861. 

    I am available at this number 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM  5 days a week and 8:00 to 4:00 pm

    to discuss any issues. (Sunday through Friday)



16. Will you need to return your core?


    A. Yes:_____________________

    B. No:______________________


17. If you are required to return your turbo core it will need to be returned within 30

    calendar days from the date on the sales invoice (meaning an active tracking number 

    provided to me within that 30 day period-not the turbo in my possession. This will 

    suffice-allowing a little extra time). If you do not return it You will void your warranty. 

    I have no other leverage getting a returned core. This is done in good faith as a gesture 

    of kindness from our company to you as a customer. If you were given a quote and 

    shipping/postage fees were not included in the quote because we are very busy and

    may have overlooked it, the shipping fee will come out of your core charge and the 

    balance will be returned based upon core condition and completeness of the 

    returned core. Unfortunately many think they can remove valuable items or portions 

    of their core when returning it in order to make a little extra money selling a part, or they 

    have a part on the turbo they wish to keep such as a waste gate actuator. That is fine, just 

    don't get upset when you discover a smaller dollar amount core fee refund. If this happens 

    we will be assessing a fee towards the removed item or items, and deducting it from the

    core dollar amount returned.


18. Due to the nature of custom turbocharger building, up to 15 calendar days may be

    required to fill your order. This is entirely dependent on the complexity of your 

    personal turbo build and current work load at our shop. This potential exists at all 

    businesses. Once payment is completed by you as a customer: you are acknowledging 

    acceptance of these terms & conditions and will not be granted a refund nor attempt 

    a dispute. If we as a company are inside the allotted 15 business days (from invoice date) 

    as mentioned to fulfill our obligation to you by filling your order, you automatically 

    forfeit any and all right’s to be impatient on the matter and agree to reversing the 

    dispute immediately allowing us to complete the order that you as a customer instituted. 

    This "Terms & Conditions" are sent to you through 2 methods:


    A. This invoicing structure.

    B. Through Docusign. This is the exact document we use through Docusign and is a 

       system that proves all responses through the means of electronic signature. If the 

       Docusign document is not signed or is voided you waive all legal rights you may or 

       may not have had. Don't misunderstand the full intent of the document. This is truly 

       meant for every party's protection through the means of education and actual under-

       standing of complex operating systems underhood. To ensure each parties long term 


19. If you send us a turbo for repair, and we tear it down for inspection there will auto-

      matically be a 2 hour service charge at $75.00 per hour if you do not proceed with the 

      repair. if you have us perform the needed repair, the 2 hour fee is waived. The 2 hour 

      minimum service fee is in place to cover the cost's associated with teardown, minimal 

      cleaning (enough to perform parts quality/damage condition), and accurate assessment. 

      If your product is left unpaid longer than 90 calendar days: you will automatically forfeit 

      your product. Law allows this to take place if you are indigent in paying your bill. We do 

      not wish to have this circumstance arise but you also need to remain responsible for your 

      product and keeping your bill paid.  

20. This paperwork will need to be signed and dated, within 21 days of sale date

    on the invoice of your turbo purchase/rebuild service in order to be valid and 

    considered for a warranty claim. No filled out and signed paperwork equals NO 

    WARRANTY. Non-compliance with the paperwork and all of it’s requirements                                                  

    NO WARRANTY. No warranty is extended to any person or to any consumer other 

    than the original purchaser. Warranty shall not apply to any unit which has been

    improperly stored or installed; subjected to misapplication, improper operating 

    conditions, accidents, or neglect; or which has been altered or otherwise mistreated 

    in the field. Any disassembly partial or complete will immediately void all warranty 

    consideration. If you have installed/put into use our product no return on the product 

    will be granted under any circumstance.Our product falls specifically into a custom/high 

    performance category and will be treated as such. No refunds of any type will be granted 

    either. In store credit will be granted in lieu of this due to the custom nature of the 

    product we build and provide.When ordering be certain to understand what you are ordering 

    in regards to sizing and application. Once you have made your decision and selected your

    product it is yours. You are now the proud new “owner”, treat it accordingly. Turbocharger    

    Systems disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages of any type. 

    Thank you for the opportunity to meet your turbocharger needs.


21. Signature stating that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions:


    Date of signature:_____________________________________________________


22. You have the option to disagree and decline this “Warranty Terms and Conditions”.

    We live in a very peculiar day and age where many people actually believe they know 

    more than I do about turbochargers. If you have more than 19 years in the industry as

    a turbo repair technician and more than my current level of exposure of over 6200 

    repairs to individual turbochargers: You Don't. 

    If so, please sign here:__________________________________________________

    Doing so will automatically void any and all warranty considerations under any circumstances.


23. If you are having difficulties signing this document please call DocuSign at 866-219-4318.