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71 MM Stage-4 GT4094 (Wheelset) 6.0 Ford Powerstroke Turbocharger

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This is our Stage-4 71 MM GT4094 (wheelset) XTR-Billet prepped 6.0 Hot Rod turbo. With proper fueling and a good "Live Tune" you will be making 650-700 HP with one of these depending on your current modifications. This has the 10 blade GT4094 turbine wheel that measures 77 MM Inducer X 70 MM Exducer. It has a 6 + 6 dual plane XTR-Billet compressor wheel that measures in at 71 MM X 99 MM Exducer X 105 MM Extended Tip diameter. Each of these builds will have American made internal build parts. One of which is the 3 piece 360 degree "Monster Thrust Kit" which truly helps with thrust control of the wheel and shaft long term under high boost loads. We also install billet VGT Vanes into these higher stage builds in order to reduce exhaust gas temperatures. As you can see in the comparison photos that the billet vanes are .060" slimmer than there OEM counterparts. They have been known to reduce EGT's as much as 250 degrees. This price includes $200 core charge that you will be refunded once your core is returned.