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Toyota MR2 Stage 3 CTX-26

$1,300.00 $1,200.00


This is our Stage 3 Toyota CTX26 for the MR2. We spend 7-8 hours just preparing the 2 hotside parts. The turbine wheel gets prepared and the turbine housing gets prepared. We mill out material in between the blades which reduces the back pressure related to this turbo while losing about 18 grams in weight from the wheel also. When you reduce rotating mass (weight) it spools faster. We also open both wastegate ports from the factory inside diameter of .860" to a full 1 inch. We port the inside of the more restrictive inlet port of the turbine housing. The XTR compressor wheel is 52 MM on the inducer x 68 MM on the exducer x 72 MM on the extended tip diameter. This turbo stage comes with a true 360 degree thrust bearing/collar arrangement for long life at higher boost levels. This turbo is intended for folks who plan on, or are currently building their motor to withstand boost levels above 18 PSI. We all know the reason these cars cannot do this in factory form. The factory ECU and Fuel Delivery systems are the culprit. This turbo will easily go beyond 400 rear wheel horsepower mark, it's just that most people who still love and drive these cars cannot afford the upgraded components. Mostly young folks on a budget. This turbo will require you to send your turbo to us so that we build your turbo into what you see here. You might say: geez that's a little pricey? Well, when you consider the fact that you do not have to buy a ton of other parts in order to bolt this up because it bolts right back into place with no modifications in order to do so, it's a win win for everyone. We all pretty much know whom sells the "sweet 16" turbo and the "CT27" turbo. View the comment made by someone in the MR2 community who actually knows the truth.