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Stage 2 EVO 10 58/58 Anti-Surged XTR-Billet Extended Tip Compressor

$1,595.00 $1,495.00


This was done by David Llerena in Miami. He is the owner of  Kustom Tuning in Miami Florida. David is probably one of the best EVO tuners in the country. Give him a shout for any tuning needs you may have at www.kustomtuning.com . This turbo made 550 WHP at 33 PSI on David's personal car on E85. You can view the primary competitors come in at a couple hundred dollars higher on their equivalent models. If you return us a rebuildable core you will receive up to a $300.00 core credit best case scenario. You will receive no less than $200.00 on your core refund providing there are no cracks in the hot-side (turbine) housing and the center housing (bearing) is intact (re-useable).