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LB7 Duramax XTR-Billet 11 blade Extended Tip Compressor Wheel

$209.00 $199.00


This is the "Drop In" XTR-Billet Extended Tip Compressor Wheel that creates a real nice breath of fresh air to your 2001-2004.5 LB7 6.6 Liter Duramax mule. This will spool quicker than the factory compressor wheel as well as lower your Exhaust Gas Temperatures at the same time. This is for the non-emissions version which includes every State in the Union but California.

Specs on Wheel are as follows:

1. Inducer: 60 MM (2.362")

2. Exducer: 82 MM (3.228")

3. Extended Tip Diameter: 86 MM (3.385")

4. Bore Diameter: 7.7 MM (.303")

5. Tip Height: 5.6 MM (.220")

6. Superback: 5.36 MM (.211")

7. Turbo Model: RHG6

8. Turbo Manufacturer: IHI