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XTR-Billet to upgrade your GT4202R into GTX4202R status

$349.00 $339.00


Here is the wheel that will upgrade your GT4202R Garrett turbocharger. We are picturing the competitions wheel as well here. I would like to point out that it is neither the correct size in nearly every aspect, it is not the correct blade count either. The thing that is most disturbing is that the compressor wheel nut is integral on the real version of this wheel, they do not have this incorporated into their wheel. If you are in doubt about these simple facts go view it on their site. What I am basically wishing to do here is help you to make the better choice than to go offshore for your turbo parts. They are usually incorrect in some way that makes the job you are attempting to perform not go smoothly. Perhaps my wheel cost's a bit more but at least it is technically correct. The XTR-Billet wheel is a touch over 1 MM larger on the inducer so it will require machining to fit correctly into your GT4202R compressor housing. As well needs to have the backplate opened up in order to fit properly.

1. XTR-Billet Wheel Specs: 

A. Inducer: 75.8 MM

B. Exducer: 102.8 MM

C. Extended Tip Diameter: 108

D. Superback: 9.5 MM

E. Bore ID: 8.25 MM

F. Tip Height: 8.95 MM

G. Trim: 56

2. The competition: 

A. Inducer: 74.2 MM

B. Exducer: 102.3 MM

C. Extended Tip Diameter: 108.4 MM

D. Wheel it replaces: 701312-0007 (this is the cast aluminum wheel they have copied, not the GTX wheel)

E. Fits the CHRA PN: 451888-0011 (the non "X" ball bearing model)

F. Trim: 53 (56 is the trim for the GTX wheel)

G. Integral compressor wheel nut: is not present on wheel.