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Stage 1 EVO 10 52/50 Anti-Surged XTR-Billet Extended Tip Compressor

$1,495.00 $1,395.00


This is our Stage 1 EVO 10 Anti-Surged turbocharger. It is however our Version 2 compressor wheel. The version 1 made 410 horse on a stock motor at 26 PSI. We are expecting a little more from this new wheel version. We use the very same internal rebuild parts that have been used by Blouch and Forced Performance for many years that are made in the USA. The 3 piece "Monster Thrust Kit" is one of the key reasons we can build these with such success at boost levels into the low to mid 30's boost range without any compromise to the turbo over the long run when using the correct type of race formulated oil. Do not use G4 Emissions Priority Oil if you plan on running over 20 PSI. You will destroy your own turbo very quickly. If you would like to read the "Oil Use Recommendations" that Robert Young of FP has written just ask and I will email it to you. Robert personally holds a PHD in Physics and has done a tremendous job in getting this information out on what I know to be right on the matter. You can view the primary competitors come in at a couple hundred dollars higher on their equivalent models. If you return us a rebuildable core you will receive up to a $300.00 core credit best case scenario. You will receive no less than $200.00 on your core refund providing there are no cracks in the hot-side (turbine) housing and the center housing (bearing) is intact (re-useable). That would put your total "out of pocket" purchase fee of $1195.00 worst case and $1095.00 best case.