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CT15B to CTX15B XTR-Billet Compressor Wheel Upgrade With Anti-Surge



This is our JDM CT15B Toyota Caldina turbo that gets imported to the US and gets put on the beloved MR2. We provide the service only here. 

1. You send your turbo center section and compressor side (assembled) to us and we custom machine this 43.5 MM X 68 MM X 72 MM Extended Tip XTR-Billet compressor wheel into your compressor side and perform the anti-surge effort seen here into your housing. We are not selling the whole turbo here in this listing. Do not read into it more than that please as many wish too.

2. We are the first company on the planet to do this to a factory OEM Toyota Turbocharger. We may still be the only company doing it. 

3. Many have asked me why do it to these turbos when they don't have surge issues? I ask them: can you force more air flow through a 1/4" straw or a 3" pipe? 

4. Justin Burnash of www.primemr2.com in Stanhope, New Jersey has dyno tested this package and has made 300 horsepower at 16 PSI at the wheels. If you view his "GO-Fast Goodies" in the 4th Gen section of his webpage you will see it. I will also state that if you go anywhere else in the country for your MR2 needs other than Prime Performance you will not be getting the same "Bang for your Buck" as you are getting with Prime. Just food for thought?