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Billet VGT Vanes

$235.00 $225.00


These are the billet VGT Vanes that you will find inside your 2004.5-2007.5 Ford 6.0 Liter Powerstroke turbocharger. The manufacturer states that swapping the factory vanes out for these will net you 15 horsepower, 40 foot pounds of torque, and an EGT drop of 150 degrees. As you see they are .060" slimmer in design which is the magic in these parts. We build many stages of these turbos and we have seen as high as 250 degrees drop in EGT's from a local Diesel shop owner stating it was exactly what they were looking for. These will not fit Duramax, or Powermax, or Early 6.0 (2003.5-2004.5).