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63 MM XTR-Billet OBS Upgrade Compressor Wheel 1994-2003.5

$219.00 $209.00


We had built a pretty good number of 66 MM OBS turbos at the request of one local diesel shop several years back (against our advice) and I knew that they were not real favored due to heavy surge and stall associated with attempting to stuff more air into a 3" compressor inlet sized compressor housing than it could properly manage. It just don't work well. Combine it with a stick shifted trans and you will hate it. I saw a need for a wheel that would outperform a "drop-in" size XTR-Billet compressor wheel and not encroach the issues that the larger 66 MM wheel causes. It worked out quite well, favorable reports all around on this one. This wheel can be machined into all 7.3 Liter turbos quite successfully from 1994 to 2003.5.

1. Inducer: 63 MM (2.480")

2. Exducer: 88 MM (3.464")

3. Extended Tip: 92 MM (3.622")

4. Bore: 6.35 MM (.250")

5. Tip Height: 6 MM (.2362")

6. Superback: 4.64 MM (.1826")

7. Turbo Model: TP38 & GTP38

8. Turbo Manufacturer: Garrett