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We have provided actual customer experience here on this page. We do not support the online trashing we see so evident online. It is truly nothing more than destructive. I am old enough to have actually witnessed how lies and slander affect different people. We are valuable as humans plain and simple. Today, many think it is okay to impact others so negatively that people have lost livelihoods that took many years to create, some have lost credible reputation, some have even taken their own lives after horrific online rants of falsehood. The latest case I am aware of is at the 2015 Texas 2K Speed Challenge. Look it up, it was tragic. This kind of behavior I refuse to support. When I as an adult commence to go shopping I never look at reviews, ever. Why? Because I am a thinking capable grown up who can figure out where to shop all by myself. Imagine that? I trust myself to be able to make decisions well enough regarding purchasing that it is entirely unnecessary. I support actual customers having the ability to leave review but I am strictly opposed to the current systems that allow anyone with a vendetta, a bad attitude, a nasty outlook on life, or a "friend of a friend", to leave review. It is very destructive and definitely not American. We were founded on much higher principles than running around like little school girls crying foul every where the wind does not blow in the right direction for us personally. If you find negative reviews on us: before you take a position? Ask yourself: was this person an actual customer? Or just a mean spirited human set out on a smear campaign? It is important. I have seen young people by the thousands over the years flock to a Tuner Shop that told the whole world they built the turbochargers they sold. Well I decided to investigate the truthfulness on the matter. It was completely false. I found out exactly who provided the "tuner shop's" turbos. It was not them. Why this was of such concern to me is because a couple of other tuner shops whom purchased turbos from them stated they could not build one that didn't leak oil upon installation. Several shops testimony. The Tuner Shop in question had stellar reviews in their car community but were not only the exact kind of situation that these review systems were supposed to guide younger more insecure buyers away from, but did exactly the opposite. I hope your getting what I am saying here. If you view our feedback ratings on EBay (13 years at 100%-which is next to impossible on EBay) you will see they are doing it the correct way: which is allowing only customers to leave feedback. The current system in place is quite hideous and truly shameful. Whoever came up with it did not give it enough thought to truly be valuable and helpful in all situations.